Saba Khan


Saba Khan born in 1982 in Lahore, Pakistan. Khan completed BFA from National College of Arts (2005), with a Distinction and MFA from Boston University, (2010), on Fulbright Scholarship. She lives in Lahore, Pakistan and is an Assistant Prof. at the National College of Arts and the Founder of Murree Museum Artists’ Residency, an artist run initiative to support artists. Khan had solo shows in Karachi (Canvas Gallery 2011) and Lahore (Rohtas 2 ( 2010, 2012) and Drawing Room Gallery (2015)).


The past decade has seen rapid urban development in the city of Lahore. As it sprawls onto its agricultural fields, it eats up previous landmarks, trees and names of places that once resonated the pluralistic land of South Asia. The city is adamant on providing dream homes to middle and upper classes, mushrooming miniature American McMansions with Punjabi baroque sensibilities are the norm. They also provide security from the unknown near by villagers, robbers and thugs. Gated communities with cookie cutter houses with high concrete walls are a growing fantasy that is fast becoming unreachable to own.

Low interest rates and high inflation is pushing the real estate market into a forbidden dream, only allowed for those who are gambling and winning lotteries on the next lucrative investment to bid on. As threat of terrorism looms on us, the grey walls keep reaching the skies and only a sliver of the slick facades can be viewed from the sizzling streets, shaded by a lean date palm, shipped from the deserts to the fertile plains of the Punjab.

Courtesy of the artist

Saba Khan
Dream House II, 2015
Acrylic, glitter, crystals, graphite and beads on paper pasted on stretched canvas on board
9.5 x 12 inches

Courtesy of the artist

Saba Khan
Mithai in the Drawing Room, 2015
Crystals, beads, acrylic on paper pasted on canvas on board
22 x 30 inches