Veera Rustomji


Born. 1992
Lives and works in Karachi
Graduated from the Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, Karachi


I have been interested in documenting old houses in Karachi which have uncertain futures. Due to family complications for the aging owners, high maintenance costs and an increase in the need for land to build modern apartments to house the rising middle class, these old houses of Karachi need a purpose to continue standing. Viewed as a costly burden, many of the owners‟ heirs feel inclined to sell off the property, unaware of their contribution to the erasure of Karachi‟s history.

Courtesy of the artist

Veera Rustomji
Around the Piano, 2015
Oil on Canvas mounted on Lasani board
6 x 7 inches

Courtesy of the artist

Veera Rustomji
The Egret Next Door II, 2017
Oil on Lasani board
8 x 44 inches