He lives and works in Lahore. He received a BFA from National College of Arts (2010) and received his MA from the same institution (2017). Suri’s artworks involve drawing, painting, collage, wood and a range of mixed media. His art practice is notable for the high level of engagement he pursues with his subject matter from both a personal and political standpoint. Suri has exhibited in numerous local and international exhibitions, including "Karachi Art Biennale", Pakistan (2017) Pakistan, as well as Art Basel (2012) and Melbourne Art Fair (2012).

Artist Statement
I try to express my unease relating to personal and political identity, the way our mind-sets are scarred with fallacies of power. The rudiments of colonial systems did not only erode our social constructs but also left lasting deformities in beliefs and power structures. My work relates ethnicity on a socio-political level with the global community. It comments upon the idea of bigotry in authoritative and prejudiced mind-sets. The process of creating my work including the selection of material (wood, metal, animal hair) and treatment of that material, for example, cutting, stitching and burning becomes a comment sometimes. The outcome confirms to me the crookedness of our society. As an artist and a responsible citizen, I feel the urge to reflect upon such issues.
Aakif Suri
New Lords Make New Laws, 2018
Wood, metal, wood dyes and weather resisting treatment
119 3/4 x 15 3/4 x 13 3/4 inches