Areeba Naveed is a writer and director based in Lahore. She graduated from National College of Arts with a distinction in 2019. In the course of four years she has written and directed two short films and a music video, while working on more than 6 short films in different capacities. Upon graduation, she made her third short film ‘A Coup’ which was selected at various international film festivals. The following year she co-directed a documentary for BBC on the 1983 WAF protest in Lahore. She has also worked as an assistant director in various short films, music videos and commercials. Currently she’s working on a web series which is in post-production.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2021

Areeba Naveed, A Coup, 2020
Set in 1983, a young girl, Alina confides to her psychiatrist about her sexual identity. Unaware of her psychiatrist’s conservative approach, she is taken aback when her parents show up. The psychiatrist calls her parents for an intervention to cure Alina’s ‘illness’. Alina is held captive in the psychiatrist’s office as she is forced by her parents and the psychiatrist to sign the consent form to take up conversion therapy.