Project Art Divvy and Rossi & Rossi are delighted to present Cultivating Wastelands an exhibition of artworks by Suleman Aqeel Khilji, Seher Naveed, Zahra Malkani & Shahana Rajani with Abeera Kamran, Mamoona Riaz, and Omer Wasim & Saira Sheikh.

Cultivating Wastelands is the second of a series of collaborative projects held by Project Art Divvy and Rossi & Rossi. This partnership is geared towards extending support and building interest in a new generation of cutting edge artists from Pakistan. We are extremely grateful to the Rangoonwala Foundation for their generous support towards this exhibition and their pledge of support towards the subsequent instalment in the series.

This exhibition brings together the works of artists who are turning their gaze towards the widespread effects of rapid, and often unplanned, industrialization and urbanization. Though their work is grounded in Pakistan, the artists reference global phenomena as land reclamation, indiscriminate development and a disregard for the environment which have transformed our cities and the surrounding landscapes.

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