Zahra Khan Zahra Khan is a curator who works with a focus on South Asian art. In her role as Curator and Director of Foundation Art Divvy, she continues to promote contemporary artists from Pakistan and build the organisation’s presence on the international art scene. Khan previously worked in art galleries and institutions including Ronald Feldman Fine Arts in New York and Sotheby’s and Blain|Southern in London. Khan is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and holds a Masters degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London. Foundation Art Divvy Foundation Art Divvy was established in 2016 as a platform to present and showcase contemporary art from Pakistan, both within the country and internationally. It is committed to organizing and supporting public art projects in Pakistan and focussing on arts education in order to foster a greater appreciation and understanding of contemporary art. ln April 2017, Foundation Art Divvy curated and organized Two Wings To Fly, Not One, the first museum exhibition in Pakistan of leading contemporary artists lmran Qureshi and Aisha Khalid, which was held to much acclaim at the National Art Gallery, PNCA, lslamabad. In March 2018, the Foundation mounted I, too, am a part of this history at The Fakir Khana Museum (FKM), Lahore, as a collateral event to the Lahore Biennale 01. This was the first time the historic FKM opened its doors to contemporary art, with the artists working with the historic and site-specific nature of the museum space.