Daniyal Najam is an independent filmmaker, born and raised in the neighborhood of Malir in Karachi. Despite his modest upbringing, Daniyal had a burning desire for storytelling and a love for the art of filmmaking. He pursued his passion by enrolling at Iqra University where he studied Film and TV. Over the course of four years, Daniyal gained experience through multiple projects in various film departments. These experiences aided in honing his craft as well as in developing a tenacious and pragmatic attitude toward projects. For his thesis project in his final year, he wrote, directed, and produced the short film "Ramz" - a project that took him a year to complete. After graduation, Daniyal directed music videos for independent hip-hop artists in Karachi and is currently collaborating with Germany-based ethnographic filmmaker Hassan Amin on an anthropological documentary about the hip-hop culture in Karachi. Armed with a steely determination, technical aptitude as well as a gifted visual sensibility - Daniyal is destined to become a prominent figure in the independent film scene. His films showcase his passion for storytelling and his dedication to bringing powerful and meaningful stories to life.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2023

Ramz, 2021, Daniyal Najam
Saleem Sahab, an elderly bookstore owner, feels disheartened and lost when his bookstore is closed down. He returns to his hometown village and meets a young girl who is eager to read and write. Her passion for learning ignites Saleem's own love for literature and leads him on a journey of rediscovery.