Fawzia Mirza, a writer/producer/creator, believes art & comedy change narratives. Her feature Signature Move (co-wrote, produced, starred in) world premiered SXSW, starred Shabana Azmi, screened 150+ film festivals internationally, won 15 awards including MISAFF’s 2017 Jury Award. Anam Abbas is a producer, director and cinematographer. She is a founding member of the Documentary Association of Pakistan. She created the feminist web series, Ladies Only, and angry girl band ‘Garam Anday’. She was in Berlinale Talents 2018 and is the producer of the upcoming documentary Showgirls of Pakistan, winner of HotDocs Forum 2016.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2023

Saya (Shadow), 2019, Fawzia Mirza & Anam Abbas
Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan, is a conundrum wrapped in contradictions: screaming with activity, yet abandoned; full of potential, yet full of abuses; it has power and resources, yet is corrupt and decaying. The people of Karachi are somehow both teeming and invisible. And the stories of Karachi while holding fiercely to their truth, weave shrouds of mythological mystery. Saya or Shadow, is an experimental collaboration between filmmakers, Fawzia Mirza and Anam Abbas, shot guerilla-style, in Karachi Saya is a memory and a moment, a film that is both a shadow and about the shadows, exploring Karachi, its chaos, its beauty, its ghost stories, its land politics, and its women. In an unexpected turn of conversation between a wealthy, American born, Pakistani MemSaab and her new driver, Abdul Malik, the city's mysteries and fault lines take physical form.