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In an effort to expand Pakistani art’s global reach, as well as transform local attitudes towards contemporary art and film, Foundation Art Divvy provides a platform at an institutional level, locally and internationally to art from Pakistan. It supports and develops large-scale exhibitions of contemporary Pakistani art in public spaces. The Foundation has now expanded to launch Divvy Film Festival, an annual festival supporting independent films by Pakistani film makers, now in its second iteration, as well as Art Divvy Conversations, a series of insta-live interviews with artists and filmmakers across South Asia.

Conceived as a platform to ‘divvy up’ and spread contemporary art from Pakistan around the world, Foundation Art Divvy was established in 2011 by mother-daughter team Asma Rashid Khan and Zahra Khan. In 2019, Foundation Art Divvy, with the Pakistan National Council of the Arts, curated and presented Naiza Khan: Manora Field Notes, the inaugural Pavilion of Pakistan at the 58th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia.

The Foundation recently organised and curated Sagar Theatre on Queen’s Road at the Plaza Theatre, Lahore, (2020), a collateral to the Lahore Biennale 02. Prior to that, the Foundation exhibited, I, too, am a part of this history at Fakir Khana Museum (FKM), Lahore (2018), a collateral event to the Lahore Biennale 01 that marked the first time that the historic, private FKM had exhibited contemporary art. Before which, the Foundation exhibited Aisha Khalid & Imran Qureshi: Two Wings to Fly, Not One at the National Art Gallery, PNCA, Islamabad (2017), the first museum exhibition in Pakistan of these leading contemporary artists

Our Team

Zahra Khan is a curator of contemporary South Asian art. She is the Creative Director of Foundation Art Divvy, through which she led and curated the first official Pavilion of Pakistan at the Venice Biennale 2019, Manora Field Notes.

In an effort to expand Pakistani art, culture and narrative’s global reach, as well as transform local attitudes towards the creative fields, Foundation Art Divvy provides a platform at an institutional level, locally and internationally to the arts from Pakistan. In addition to an annual large scale institutional exhibition, its latest venture has been the Divvy Film Festival, celebrating independent Pakistani cinema as well as Art Divvy Conversations, a series of insta-live interviews with artists across South Asia.

Zahra is lead curator at Satrang Art Gallery, Islamabad and has worked at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York and Sotheby’s, London & Blain|Southern, London.

Zahra is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and received a Master’s in the History of Art and Archaeology from SOAS, London.

Asma Khan is the Founder and Director of Satrang Art Gallery at the Serena Hotel in Islamabad and the SerenArts Programme, two unique enterprises dedicated to showcasing Pakistani art and heritage. She is a Director for Foundation Art Divvy, an organisation established to support and develop large-scale public exhibitions of contemporary Pakistani art. Asma is a member of the Board of Governors of the Pakistan National Council of the Arts, the country’s leading arts institution.

Over the last 20 years, Asma has actively led support for The Citizens Foundation, a charity that provides quality education to the underprivileged across Pakistan. She has also been the long-term Chair of the Islamabad Supporters of TCF over this period of time.

Mamoona Riaz is a visual artist, art educator and a creative practitioner with professional experience ranging over many fields. She received her BFA degree from National College of Arts with Honors and the prestigious Haji Sharif Prize and her M.A/M.Phill degree in Art Education from Beaconhouse National University with the prized UMISAA (Unesco Madanjeet Singh Institute of South Asian Arts) scholarship. She is also a finalist of the highly coveted Sovereign Asian Art Prize for 2021.

Over the period she has worked in the curatorial capacities with Satrang Gallery and the NCA art gallery and is also currently serving as a consultant for Foundation Art Divvy. She also serves as Art Editor for an international publishing literary journal Papercuts. Riaz continues to serve her alma mater and has been teaching at NCA as a professor of Miniature Painting and other courses designed specifically for new learning and pedagogical practices after her M.Phill in Art Ed. She is also a founding member of Divan-e-Aam, an art collective focusing on art and sustainability, alongside works on various side projects and commissions.

With her professional portfolio she is also focused on her art practice and has been continuously working and exhibiting her work at important national and international platforms, moreover her work is in permanent collection of eminent national and international art collectors.

Zahra Jadoon (b. 1997) is an Art Educator and a Visual Artist from Abbottabad. She graduated with honors from the prestigious National College of Arts, Rawalpindi in 2019 majoring in Sculpture. Right after graduating Jadoon started working as an Assistant Curator at the Satrang Gallery in Serena Hotel, Islamabad from 2019 to 2021.

Her work incorporates the idea of how women are perceived in society nowadays which she portrays by making the bare skin of a human in her paintings and by the use of latex in her sculptures. She has also conducted  workshops in different disciplines of art, alongside which she also worked as a freelance artist and one of the core members of the Harfun studio.

She is currently the assistant to Creative Director at Foundation Art Divvy and lives and works in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Abdullah Shahid is a filmmaker, writer and actor from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He returned to Pakistan in 2019 after graduating from Pomona College in California where he studied both film and theater and was awarded the Scott Winslow Award in Media Studies for his contribution to the film department as well as the The Virginia Princehouse Allen Prize in Drama for producing a student run production of the Pultizer winning play Disgraced. After graduating he performed in a play that he co-wrote and co-directed in Hollywood. While in the US, he worked for Color Force, a film studio in Santa Monica and for, a studio founded by the artist in Los Angeles.

His most recent short films have been in festivals around the world. Currently, he is working on writing a web-series as well as a feature. He is also in pre-production for a short film that he will be directing and writing. He also teaches film to IB students at TNS in Lahore.

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