Mahera Omar is a filmmaker and co-founder of Pakistan Animal Welfare Society, a nonprofit that advocates biodiversity protection, environmental justice and compassion towards sentient beings. Her films have exhibited in Pakistan as well as at international film festivals including at Film South Asia, Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival and Delhi International Film Festival. Highlights of her filmography include ‘Perween Rahman - The Rebel Optimist’ and the Dream Journey’s musical travelogues. With an abiding interest in Karachi, its environment, plants and animals that share the city with its 20 million inhabitants, she works to document ecosystems that shape Karachi today.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2023

20. Sometimes even the shore drowns, 2022, Mahera Omar
Inspired by Rachel Carson’s 1955 book The Edge of the Sea, this short film is a cinematic ode to the myriad of marine life on the intertidal mudflats of Karachi. Between the ebb and flow of tides, the city's exposed shoreline is home to a fish that walks on land, the mud crab that clings tenaciously to mangrove tree trunks, the mighty periwinkle, the bubbler crab that spits out sandballs, the long legged egret that fishes, the curlew that stalks fiddler crabs, and the carnivorous marine gastropod mollusks, aka the nudibranchs. Set against the backdrop of human activity in and around mangrove forest creeks, amidst steaming vessels and a new skyline, the film takes you on a silent journey through a delicate wetland ecosystem on the shores of an industrial city.

Mahera Omar is a documentary filmmaker. Her film Perween Rahman: The Rebel Optimist won the best documentary award in the Across the Border category at the 7th Delhi International Film Festival and a special jury mention at the 6th Nepal International Human Rights Film Festival.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2020

Perween Rahman: The Rebel Optimist, Mahera Omar, 2016
A documentary on Pakistani architect and urban planner Perween Rahman and her remarkable work for Karachi.