Marya Javed is a writer/filmmaker from Pakistan. “Baadi” is her fifth short film. Previously she has made films on topics such as loneliness in marriages, infidelity, the emptiness of a soldier’s life, on toxic parent-child relationships etc. The overarching theme of her work is the psychological undercurrent of relationships, society and the world we live in. She started her career through mainstream television in Pakistan both as an actor and producer before starting her solo career as a writer/filmmaker.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2021

Marya Javed, Its a Boy…?, 2021
Neha and Taimoor, a fairly educated and emancipated couple, are open to the ideas of homosexuality and gender fluidity. They seem to have no prejudices. But when it comes to their own son, displaying “unconventional” behavior for a boy, their introjected fears start to surface. They struggle to answer a simple question, How do you know, it's a boy?

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2020

Baadi, Marya Javed, 2020
BAADI is a story about repressed female sexuality and highlights the dearth of conversation or information for teenagers about their changing bodies in a society where their latent desires are often shamed as a means of control. (Baadi is the Punjabi slang world for bra, derived from “body”, since saying “bra” is considered taboo.)
Official Selection:
COSAFF |2020
20 min

Settled, Marya Javed, 2019
A film about a problem that has no name.
Official Selection: SSFC 2019; Tasveer South Asian Film Festival, TSAFF 2019; Women International Film Festival, 2020
25 min