Nauman Khalid Nauman Khalid has what might best be described as an eclectic background. He has a law degree, studied for an MEd. at the University of Manchester and a PhD. in postcolonial literature and theory at Manchester Metropolitan University. He worked for eight years with Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television as a newscaster and presenter while he was a student; and taught English and History to secondary school students at a private-sector institution in Pakistan. He worked as a trainee under producers working on drama-serials for PTV, Pakistan’s state television channel. Even though English literature is his foremost passion, film, for a long time, felt like “unfinished business” because he was always an avid film buff and, at one point, went for an MA. in Television Production to the US. Since that trajectory was thwarted by the onset of personal health issues, his life changed course – an outcome he is very happy with because it gave him the chance to read and write which is his first love. “One-way Glass” is the culmination of his “other” passion for which he completed an intensive certificate in film-making at the London Film Academy in Fulham and collaborated with his life-long friend, Irfan Ahmed Urfi and a team of superlative and very talented individuals.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2023

Nauman Khalid, One Way Glass, 2021
A young Pakistani migrant woman, Farzana, is caught in the harsh realities of modern-day London, trying to make a living whilst also struggling through the trials and tribulations of her failing marriage. Told primarily through Farzana's eyes, we follow her day-to-day routine as she questions her environment, the people she interacts with and, most importantly, searches within to find a way out of her situation. Leading a double life away from her husband, Imran, Farzana works in a sex shop at night to make ends meet. We see this strong woman's vulnerabilities as she struggles with her work, marriage, faith and attempts to find happiness in the world. Upon discovering that her husband, Imran, is also leading a clandestine parallel life, Farzana finds the motivation and strength to attempt to break free from her misery.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2021

Nauman Khalid, One Way Glass, 2021
‘One-way Glass’ is the story of a hapless migrant Pakistani woman trapped in a violent loveless marriage. The film follows her path to freedom via the revelation that her husband, like her, leads a clandestine parallel life.