Olivia Qasir is a British-Pakistani born in London. Olivia spent her initial years till the age of sixteen in Lahore and then moved to London, Where she has been studying and working. She did her Bachelors Degree in History at SOAS, and Masters degree in World History at King's College London. Olivia has been an active feminist campaigner, working at Crossroads Women's Centre. Her interest in film began when She worked on the film for the Crossroads website.

Olivia Qasir is a filmmaker based in Lahore, Pakistan. She has previously worked with Vice India and Vice World News, where she directed and produced Why We March: Women of Lahore, and Inside Pakistan's War on TikTok (the latter of which has had over a million views). Olivia is also Director Academics and Publications at Bloomfield Hall School in Pakistan.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2023

Dhoom ki Dunya, 2023, Olivia Qasir
Step inside the macabre world of Dhoom International Circus! The show must go on for this whimsical troupe, faced with poverty and an increasingly conservative society. This silent documentary invites the viewer to interpret the bitter-sweet lives of the performers, keeping alive this dying artform, holding onto their talents passed down the generations.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2021

Olivia Qasir, Why we march: Women of Lahore, 2020
Meet the brave women standing up to the patriarchy, staging marches across Pakistan. This documentary depicts a cross-section of women in Lahore, whose stories reinforce the need to have a women’s march in Pakistan. It also celebrates the art and poetry of young women activists, resisting the entrenched South Asian patriarchy.