Studied Film at Emerson College, Boston, USA. Shot several horror shorts in the early 1980’s. Grew up on a diet of horror films of the 70’s and 80’s and wrote Zibahkhana as an homage to the films that made an enormous impact on the director. Essentially the film is a love letter to the low-budget horror films of Tobe Hooper, Sam Raimi, George Romero, Lucio Fulci, Sam Raimi etc.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2023

Zibahkhana, 2007, Omar Ali Khan
Pakistan's first splatter flick, in the tradition of Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, delivers spine-tingling thrills when an attractive group of teens pile into a van that runs out of gas in the middle of a dark, mysterious forest. But when a mysterious figure dressed in a blood-drenched burqa appears sporting a medieval weapon dripping in gore, even the teen's prayers won't save them from a night of savage, demented terror.