Payal Arya creates site specific and immersive installations that people inhabit blurring the parameters of the room. She explores the concept of nonlinear time and notions of distance, position and bodily tolerance, to rethink what it means to have agency.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2023

An Intangible Claim, 2022, Payal Arya
The film is created using found footage, as I wish to talk of a land that I have only known through distance. The film questions the right to claim and own land. It metaphorically ties together the two phenomena of partition and reclamation. Traversing through her memories, my Naani (grandmother) attempts to hold onto the ancestral home she was forced to leave behind. Her yearning is embodied by the sea that surges in claiming the land that was once its own. The avarice to possess that cost my Naani her home has continued to propel us over the brink of causing irreversible damage to the world around us.