Aisha Khalid (b. 1972, Faisalabad, Pakistan) graduated from the National College of Arts, Lahore in 1993 and completed her post-graduate degree Fine Art degree from Rijksakademie, Amsterdam in 2003. Khalid was schooled in classical miniature painting and has become a leading figure in developing the contemporary miniature.

She is one of the few artists to experiment with large-scale painting and abstraction and has also worked with video and textiles. Khalid received the Alice Award (artist book category) in 2012, and was a finalist for the Jameel Art Prize in 2011, winning the People’s Choice Award in 2011.

Khalid is among a handful of Pakistani artists who have had solo shows of their work, including 'Two worlds as one' Staten Museum for Kunsten, Copenhagen (2016); Garden of ideas, Aga Khan Museum, Toronto (2014); Larger Than Life, Whitworth Art Gallery, United Kingdom (2012); Larger Than Life, Corvi-Mora, London (2012); Pattern to Follow, Chawkandi Art, Karachi (2010); Conversations, Pump House Gallery, London (2008). She participated at the 2009 Venice Biennale, the 2011 Sharjah Biennial and 2013 Moscow Biennale.