Salman Alam Khan was born in Lahore Pakistan. He graduated as a media student. He is an award winning international filmmaker in both fiction and documentary. His expertise is in cinematography but he has directed a few short films as well. Alam has also worked as a freelance photographer with different international organizations.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2021

Salman Alam Khan, No Beloved, 2021
50-year-old Ehsaan runs a tea stall in Krishan Nagar, Lahore. He is a quiet person, disinterested in life, with no social interaction – whether with customers at the stall, or with his family at home. For some time, he has been noticing a male couple, who have become regular customers at his tea stall. Their casual behaviour makes him very disturbed and angry. One day, this anger manifests as a violent reaction, leaving Ehsan in a mix of guilt and nostalgia.