Sameen Sehr is an aspirational storyteller, 2D artist, and animator who like many other young Pakistani Artists have a dream of seeing Pakistan Animation film industry to emerge and flourish. A computer arts alumni to FUSST, Sameen currently works with Alam digital who value the art of original storytelling. and She has previously worked with 3rd world studio. With hopes of learning, evolving and creating films that would support the new generation of exceptional artists in Pakistan and beyond.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2023

Udari, 2022, Sameen Sehr
Shafeeq is a 10 years old homeless boy who begs on the streets of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. One afternoon as his friend is begging and Shafeeq sitting morosely on a road divider; A balloon floats towards Shafeeq giving him the flight of his life. New found perspective from above brings him hope and freedom but this soon draws him towards a new world which he has yet to discover beyond the walls within the city that separates lives and lands breaking the illusion he longs for. His balloon gets shot down by a Security guard. Shafeeq falls back down to the street where he was sitting in the beginning. With no hope of insight, he begins his daily ritual of begging.