Sana Durrani, an artist from Lahore, Pakistan, is trained as a Visual artist in particular but her educational background has prepared her for diverse roles with in the field of art. She has done Bachelors of Fine Arts from Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan. She did her Master in Fine Arts (Painting) from Punjab University, Lahore. After completing her master’s degree, her interest in interior designing dragged her into that subject from where she started different interior design projects. Not willing to pass on her art practice she inspired to follow her heart. She set about designing spaces merging art sensibility into her designed projects which compelled her to study Art and design which she fulfilled and in 2016 she received her second Master’s degree in Art and design with honors from Beacon house National University, Lahore, Pakistan. It was during her studies that she started researching on the psychological impact of spaces. Her work has been exhibited in different galleries both nationally and internationally including Lahore Art council, Lahore, Satarang gallery, Islamabad and Studio Seven, Dubai. Apart from her art practice, she is also trained as a Master trainer in Art conservation and restoration project by Danish Centre for culture and development. She is currently working as an art conservator at Lahore arts council.
Artist Statement
I love being creative and I view art as an instinctive mode for me to show myself. As an artist, my intention is to promote an intuitive and spiritual understanding of reality to my witness. My personal motivation is always to communicate with the lost era through studying spaces which people inhabit. This has also motivated me to investigate the psychological impact of spaces including the human relationship with the spaces .My engagement with such personal spaces has generated multiple transformative experiences which have been reflected in my work. This has also encouraged me to question that how spaces respond to humans and how humans respond to spaces?_
Sana Durrani
Dialogue Through Perspective, 2018
Archival print with mix media
23 x 30 inches