Suleman Afzal is a filmmaker, Communication designer and writer. He obtained his M.Phil. degree, in Multimedia Arts focused in Film/Cinema/Video Studies from the National College Of Arts (NCA). Tasweer was his directorial debut. It was shot in the old city of Lahore, and was based on years of intensive environmental research in which he spoke to leading authorities, attended scores of conferences, and studied different books and articles.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2023

Tasweer, 2022, Suleman Afzal
A film about Women's Empowerment, represents the positive message that women should work and also support people around them for their livelihood or source of income. In addition, the film encompasses the major factors behind Hurdles To Women's Empowerment. It is a story based on research of the patriarchal society, and tragic lives of characters filmed as an interactive Drama/Crime genre.