Tabrez Sherak is a multidimensional writer & filmmaker. He founded Shanasa in 2019 to encourage awareness & discussion around Mental Health through creative mediums i.e. films, music, art & literature. Tabrez conceptualized, authored and designed a mental health guidebook titled- ‘A-Z Express!’ (2019). Following the e-publication, Sherak has directed, conceptualized, edited & produced a six episode web-series called ‘Talk To Me’, which released on YouTube in July 2020. The web-series gardened positive reviews, gained appreciation by several renowned artists, digital creators & was featured in an editorial by “Youlin Magazine.”

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2021

Tabrez Sherak, Mental Note, 2021
A non-communicative marriage may stand the test of time, but this is at the expense of a true connection, understanding and depth. The spillover on family dynamics can be insidious.