Director and Producer, Umer is a detail minded individual with distinctive leadership and communication skills and a strong passion for visual storytelling. He has over fifteen years of experience and expertise in advertising and advertising concepts, marketing, tv content development, production and direction of tv shows, documentaries, TVCs, music videos, short films and feature films.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2023

Noor, 2023, Umer Adil
‘Noor’ a heartfelt narrative brings to light a world in which many struggle at the hands of cultural myths and taboos, especially children who in their vulnerability and innocence silently suffer the most. Umer Adil’s short film ‘Noor’ is a about little Noorie’s world who learns to overcome her weakness by facing and embracing it. Her weak eyesight becomes her strength at a time when she and her family need it the most.