Uzair Surhio Uzair Surhio is an independent filmmaker with a Master’s Degree in Film Productions. Taking dramatic inspirations from socio-cultural scenarios of Pakistan, he works within emotionally charged humanistic themes. He has written and directed multiple short fiction and documentary films.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2023

ABBA, 2023, Uzair Surhio Ayesha, an aspiring painter, is living with her elderly bedridden father. Iqbal is speechless and paralyzed, thus totally dependent on his daughter. It is a usual day in their house until she receives an email and the reality hits her hard.

Unseen, Uzair Surhio & Afreen Zehra Salamat Masih is a Christian sewage cleaner from Lyari, Karachi, who is struggling to make ends meet with the filthiest job in a prejudiced system. This documentary vividly juxtaposes the bleakness of manual scavenging with inequality in Pakistan.

Uzair Surhio & Afreen Zehra, Kanrach, 2022 ‘Kanrach’ is one of the villages in Balochistan where inhabitants are living life in stone age with no electricity, medical facilities, infrastructure, education and most importantly access to clean water. This documentary depicts the beauty of natural mountains, caves and rivers contrasted with the plight of people to give hope in the end.

Films shown in Divvy Film Festival 2021

Uzair Surhio, Threads & Bangles, 2021
Rahat, a 28-year-old queer, owns a bangles shop named “Rahat ki Chooriyan” in a small neighborhood. His bangles are unique and loved by his customers. He hides his true identity outside his home. The film depicts his day revealing how he got inspired to make bangles after losing his partner, whose picture he keeps close while working at his beautiful shop.