Project Art Divvy and Rossi & Rossi are delighted to present You Selfish Dreamer, an exhibition of artworks by Rabeya Jalil, Heraa Khan, Saba Khan, Veera Rustomji, and Mohsin Shafi.

You Selfish Dreamer is the first of a series of collaborative exhibitions held by Project Art Divvy and Rossi & Rossi. This partnership is geared towards extending support and building interest in a new generation of cutting edge artists from Pakistan.

The title of the exhibition is a phrase from The Glass Menagerie, the 1945 play by Tennessee Williams, which explores the fragile reality of shattered illusions, unfulfilled dreams and relentless memories. Like the characters in Williams’ play, each painting has the multilayered quality of a woven tapestry, both in terms of the artist’s technique and the layers of meaning hidden within the works. The pieces have been embedded in the artist’s reality and embellished with fiction, socio-political critique, and the hazy aura of memory. The resulting collages, installations and paintings are thought provoking, they inspire self-introspection and societal analysis.

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